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P7 - Legislative Constraints on Construction


explain the implications of environmental issues and legislative constraints on building construction



Your boss is conscious that as they take on bigger and commercial projects there will be more legislation that the company must consider. You have been asked to produce a report that explains the implications of the legislation and what environmental considerations the company should make now they are taking on bigger projects.


There are many pieces of legislation that control or limit a construction project, you will need to describe the following pieces of legislation:


Building Regulations

Health and Safety at Work Act

The Code for Sustainable Homes

Town and Country Planning


A good way to set out your report could be like this:

Legislation - Town and Country Planning Act

Purpose - (What does it aim to do or prevent) The Town and Country planning act gives councils the decision on what can or cannot be built within their borough or district. The main consideration is normally based on the visual appearance of a structure when viewed against it's surroundings.


For example a modern concrete dwelling would probably be refused permission in a village of thatched cottages as it would change the overall appearance and character of the building.


Councils will also consider the appropriateness of a location, when looking at something like a new factory they would probably not want it next to a school or hospital, and at the same time they would look to place it close to existing public transport links so as not to increase the amount of cars on the road.

How will it affect the proposal - The housing development will be probably raise some concern from the Local Planning Authority as it backs on to the greenbelt, however the LPA are likely to grant permission due to the need for more housing in the town.


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Example of legislative constraints