Unit Overview
Grading Criteria
P1 - Responsibilities
P2 - Legislation
M1 - Interaction
P3 - Identifying Hazards
P4 - Risk Assessment
M2 - Completing a risk assessment
D1 - Justify a Risk Assessment
P5 - Control Measures
P6 - Accident Reporting
M3 - Accident Data
D2 - Evaluating Accident Reports

P6 - Accident Reporting

describe the role of the individual in accident recording and reporting procedures.


Task -

The company does not currently report or record near misses, explain why this needs to be done.


Using the company structure explain how accidents and near misses should be reported.


Produce and accident recording system for the company that can be used on site, this may be electronic or paper based.



Your report should address the following:

  1. RIDDOR - Link to RIDDOR
  2. What needs to be reported to who?
  3. What needs to be recorded about an accident?
  4. Why do we record accidents locally?
    1. Potential legal action.
    2. Effective management and reduced sick leave.
  5. Why do we record accidents nationally?
  6. Suggest how a company could effectively comply with RIDDOR
    1. Who will record accidents?
    2. Where will it be recorded?
    3. Who will act on data?
    4. How will staff know about the process?


Use page 28 of the text book to help you with this assignment, you will also find guidance on the HSE website.


Use this example flow chart to help explain how accidents are reported.