Unit Overview
P1 Range of Activity
P2 Contribution of the Construction Industry
M1 Local Contribution
D1 Evaluate the local and National Contribution
P3 Describe Client Needs
P4 Describe Constraints on a design brief
D2 Prioritise Needs of Client Brief
P5/M3/D3 Produce Design Ideas
P6/M4 Review Concept Ideas

Activity Areas in the Construction Industry

(You must describe 3 areas of the construction industry)

The construction industry is broken up into several sectors, in order to pass this unit you will need to describe the sectors. To get a merit you must explain how each sector contributes locally and for a distinction you will need to evaluate the local and national contribution.


fulham reachResidential

Houses - apartments - flats

Private housing - jobs for small and large companies - allows people to earn money

Retirement flats

Social housing - affordable housing (section 106 can be used by the planning authority to make a developer of a large set of apartments make sure some are priced as affordable housing).

Section 106 can also be used to make companies employ local and young people.

Built using traditional methods such as...

Modular housing becoming more popular.

Timber Framing becoming more popular because - time on site, low U-Values.

Large apartments built using concrete frame, reduced noise travel between apartments.

New build housing often attracts more business, such as cafes, shops, etc.

Bypassing a town removes traffic from built up areas - improves quality of life

By using the secured by design initiative crime can be reduced by up to 75% Link

Fulham Reach employs local workers



bridgeCivil Engineering

Projects are normally large scale

They are often government funded and benefit the country, such as roads, rail, national sports stadiums.

Heavy plant machinery used, such as......

Projects can last several years such as....

Infrastructure - basic services required for society

Roads - railway - tubes - reduction in pollution

Bridges - connect cities

Transport of goods between locations, saves the country money that could be lost in traffic jams (Why?)

HS2 - high speed rail ink - will help join country up - will boost 40,000 jobs - 330 miles - £500m on a tunnel under the Chilterns AONB - 2 million trees planted along route - cost 36 billion, worlds most expensive railway

Services such as gas, electrical, water

Super Sewer - Thames Water - 4 billion - current sewers can't cope - 6 year build - will take pollution out of thames

Thames flood barrier

Channel Tunnel

Airports - Heathrow deals with more air traffic than any other airport in the world




Shops - shopping centres

Out of town shopping malls

Regeneration of run down high streets

creation of jobs

Restaurants, cafes and pubs

Describe the range of building methods

Shops often designed so they can be remodeled easily

Shops can be owned or let, what is difference?

How have shops changed, High street to shopping mall

Shopping malls require services such as escalators, elavators air conditioning

As used by the public they have stricter fire regulations

Local Council will control where shops can be located

Out of town shopping malls take trade away from town centres, but create new jobs



Offices - place to work

Offices need people to keep building running, lifts, air con, etc.

Warehouse - storage of goods



Factories - production of goods - export boosts countries economy


Mechanics - garages - servicing






Sports centres - improved fitness


All weather facilities

Parks - open space - quality of life - Social - sports - children's play - improved sense of well being

Football stadiums - re-development of Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium created 8000 construction jobs - was industrial waste land


bigbenPublic Buildings

Museums - help with education

Library's - resource

Art Galleries -

Historic buildings - preservation - education - tourism (generates national income)

Iconic buildings bring tourists - boost UK economy












Farming - generation of food

Keeps country side

Provides employment

keeps heritage of country

Preservation of green areas

Preservation of native wildlife - animal - tree - flower

Provides footpaths and bridal ways




Schools / colleges - country benefits by having

Universities - building often famous or iconic,eg Oxford and Cambridge.

Colleges train builders

average cost of new school - £14 Million

Population increase = need for new schools