Unit Overview
Electrical Screw Driver
Wire Strippers
Spirit Level
Wire Cutters
Test Meter
Measuring Tape
Light Switch
Ceiling Rose
Fused Spur
Plastic Conduit
Back Box
Surface Box
Cable Clip
Risk Assessment
Selection of Tools

Wire Strippers

wire stripperDescription

Wire strippers come in various different forms, they are shaped like pliers with either plastic or rubberised handed to improve the users grip. They should have some means of being adjusted so that they can be used on a variety of cable widths.



Wire strippers, remove (strip) the plastic insulation from the wire or cable in order that the copper wire is exposed and an electrical connection can be made to components.


Safe Use

There is a very small risk that the user could get a pinch injury when using the wire strippers and care should br taken when working at height. As with all tools they should be kept in a tool box or tool belt so that they do not present a trip hazard on the construction site.


Swire stripper 2torage

As with most lightweight electrical tools they can be stored in a tool bet when in use or a tool box. They should be stored away in a secure tool box when not in use, eg at the end of the day.



They are a relatively simple tool, but cheaper varieties are not very reliable and will slow the user down with their task. They are much safer and easier to use than a knife for stripping wire, although they only have the one function.