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Electical Screwdriver


An electrical screwdriver is normally a small slotted screwdriver, with a plastic handle and metal tip.



It is used to loosen and tighten screws on electrical appliacnes such as light switches sockets. It can also be used to test for live current as it has a bulb in the handle that will light up if the metal tip of the screwdriver comes into contact with a live voltage.



As this is a lightweight and small tool, it can easily be stored in a tool belt when being used to allow easy access, especially when working at height. It can also be stored in a tool box, especially when not in use.



electricianSafe use

The screwdriver should be stored in a tool belt or tool box when not in use so as not to create any form of trip hazard. Although the screwdriver can test for live wires extreme care should be taken to avoid electric shock or electrocution, for example checking the power is isolated before carrying out any work.




The electrical screwdriver is good for lightweight jobs such as connecting wires and attaching electrical components to back boxes, but not robust or powerful enough for heavy duty jobs such as inserting a screw into timber. It is lightweight and easy to transport and good for fidly jobs such as connecting wires.