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test meterTest Meter

Description / Function

A test meter or multi meter is a device that can be used to measure volts amps and resistance in electrical circuits. They are useful for checking if a live voltage is present before carrying out any electrical work. The meter will normally consist of a box with a digital (or analogue on older models) display that will show, the volts, amps or ohms over part of a circuit. The test meter will normally have two wires with probes at either end, the wires are normally red and black. The metal probes are attached or placed across the part of the circuit you wish to test. For example when connecting to the live and neutral wires of a ring main you would expect to get a reading of 240v.


Safe Use

Whilst the test meter itself does not present many dangers they act of testing for a live current does, as by nature of the test there will be the possibility of bare wires showing. Testing is critical before carrying out any electrical work, especially in situations where the distribution board is in another room and may have be turned back on by another person, or when working on an older building where the wiring may not be up to current building regulations.


electrical testingStorage

The test meter should be stored either in a tool box or it's own protective case, the meter could be damaged if dropped or if exposed wet or rainy conditions, although most test meters will be able to withstand a certain amount of exposure to bad weather.



There is a large range of test meters available on the market and the price generally reflects the amount of functions that they can perform. Simple and cheaper test meters are often preferable if the person is only needing to check for a live voltage, whilst an electrician needing to carry out fault finding work may need a more complex test meter.