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Spirit Level


A spirit level is a device used to check that object are vertical or level, it does this by having an air bubble in a small tube of coloured liquid. The Air bubble will always try to find the highest point of the tube, the tube is very slightly curved, when the bubble is in the centre the spirit level is either vertical or horizontal.


Spirit levels are used for a wide range of tasks in the construction industry, in electrical work they can be used to get socket and switches perfectly square and can be used to get items level with each other.





A spirit level should be stored carefully so that it does not become a trip hazard or get damaged, larger spirit levels are more prone to damage, which may reduce their accuracy.



A spirit level is a relatively cheap and effective way of getting a high degree of accuracy in construction jobs, laser levels can also achieve this, but are more expensive and take longer to set up. A spirit level is simple and easy to transport.