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Steel Tape Measure

tapeDescription / Function

A builders tape measure is a very useful and versatile tool, it consists of a thin steel tape that can be extended or retracted in to it's body. The tape is marked out with measurements, normally a combination of metric and imperial measurements (centimetres and inches). The purpose of a tape measure is to mark out the location of components such as sockets and switches, and take measurements of existing components on building sites.


The end of the tape should move slightly to allow for internal and external measurements to be taken.


Safe Use

As the tape is steel it can conduct electricity so care should be taken when working around electrical circuits so as to prevent electric shock.



The tape can normally be clipped to a tool belt or placed inside one of the pouches, as it is quite small it can easily be stored and transported when working on a variety of jobs.



A steel tape measure is an essential tool for most building work, as it is small it is easily transported. If comparing a tape measure to something like a laser level, it is important to consider that a tape measure will cost about £10 where as laser levels start at around £150 and one suitable for commercial construction will cost in the region of £500.