Unit Overview
Electrical Screw Driver
Wire Strippers
Spirit Level
Wire Cutters
Test Meter
Measuring Tape
Light Switch
Ceiling Rose
Fused Spur
Plastic Conduit
Back Box
Surface Box
Cable Clip
Risk Assessment
Selection of Tools

Fused Spurfused spur lit

Description / Function

Used to switch on and off non portable appliances such as...

Can be wired directly to distribution board for appliances such as a cooker or an be wired into ring main.

Has a fuse in the socket that can be changed easily.

Three main types, no switch, switched, switched and lit.

Can be retro fit to ring main.


Safe Use

Has feed in and feed out, and earth, normally 2.5mm 2 core and earth but may need a heavier cable for higher voltage appliance such as an oven.

No exposed copper wire.

Vertical wires as per building regs.


switched spurStorage

Storage of electrical components should keep them protected from damage and allow the electrician to easily find the required component.



Can be hard to wire if heavier cable is being used.

Adds an extra layer of protection by...