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Back box

back boxDescription / Function

A back box is the box that is set into the wall before a component such as socket or switch is attached to the front of it. The back box provides a safe and effective way of position components in the correct location, it has two holes that are in the right place for the component fixing screws to be placed.


Safe Use

As back boxes are normally metal they will conduct electricity, is the live and neutral wires touch the back box they will cause a short circuit and could put you at risk, it is good practice to earth the back box by using a 'flying lead' that should be covered in earth sheathing.


box in wall


Components need to be stored in safe location so that they don't present a trip hazard to other employees or visitors to a site.



A back box is a cheap and effective way of positioning components such as sockets and switches. By using the back box you can ensure that the components are safely and securely located to the walls of the building.