Unit Overview
Electrical Screw Driver
Wire Strippers
Spirit Level
Wire Cutters
Test Meter
Measuring Tape
Light Switch
Ceiling Rose
Fused Spur
Plastic Conduit
Back Box
Surface Box
Cable Clip
Risk Assessment
Selection of Tools

Selection of Tools and Materials

You have been asked to wire a domestic house, you must explain what tools and materials you would select giving reasons for choice.


You should explain the advantages and disadvantages of selecting these tools along with the alternative tools you could select.


You are not explaining how to use the tools as you should have already done this.


General Overview

  1. What would you do before starting (Risk Assess? Visual Check of site, tool box talk, site induction)
  2. Check electrical plan is still up to date? (why, who with, consequences of not checking)
  3. What is 1st and 2nd fix? Why can't you wire a house in one day?
  4. Isolate power, connect to RCD last (why)
  5. Lights or sockets first?
  6. How will you make sure you or no one else on site is exposed to the risk of electrocution?


Before commencing work on a construction site I would make sure the following steps have been taken:


A risk assessment was in place as this is a way of controlling or eliminating hazards that could be encountered on a construction site.



  1. What tools would you select and how would you store them?
  2. You might explain this by why you would use and tool belt and which tools you would keep in your tool belt;
    • I would use a tool belt because....in it I would store the following tools.... (Easy access, close to hand)
  3. What tools wouldn't you store on a tool belt, and where would you store them?
  4. If there is no power yet how will you see in the dark?
  5. What PPE will you be wearing and why?



  1. Cable - width for sockets and width for switches - why?
  2. Example - I will use twin and earth cable throughout the house as this is in line current regulations and safe practice, I would select 1.5mm cable for the lights as they only carry 110v, to use a heavier cable would be too costly. For the sockets I would use 2.5mm cable as this
  3. How will you store the materials? (theft, weather proof, organised, accidental damage)



  1. Other Workers on Site, how will an overcrowded site be avoided and who should be controlling this?
  2. Working at height, (what tasks? Equipment?)
  3. What is the legislation (Working at Height Act 2005)



Lock box - overnight storage - weather damage