Unit Overview
Electrical Screw Driver
Wire Strippers
Spirit Level
Wire Cutters
Test Meter
Measuring Tape
Light Switch
Ceiling Rose
Fused Spur
Plastic Conduit
Back Box
Surface Box
Cable Clip
Risk Assessment
Selection of Tools

pendant lightCeiling Rose / Pendent Light


Description / Function

Connects light to power source.

Connects to switch.

Can link power to next ceiling rose.



Safe Use

Should be earthed.

Can be wired in different ways.

Working height needs a stable ceiloing rose schematicplatform such as step ladder or hop up.


Ceiling rose pictoral




Components should be secure and weather proof on site.

Can be transported around site in tool box.




More complicated than other components to wire.

Can be tricky to wire as working at height and at a steep angle.