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Wire Cutters
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Measuring Tape
Light Switch
Ceiling Rose
Fused Spur
Plastic Conduit
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Surface Box
Cable Clip
Risk Assessment
Selection of Tools

cable clipCable Clip

Description / Function

A cable clip is used to hold cables in place.

They are normally plastic so they don't damage the cable.

Come in a range of sizes.



Safe Use

Care must be taken not to damage the cable when fitting with a hammer.

Can be held with pliers when fitting to avoid hitting fingers with hammer.

Has sharp nail so can cause harm.

Avoid hitting nail into existing electric, water or gas.


bad cable run

good cable run


A small item that is easily dropped.


A tool belt is a useful way of transporting, especially when working at height.


Clean up if dropped so nail doesn't go through shoe into foot.



Cheap and effective way of securing cable to studs in wall.